My Daughter Fucks For Drugs


After her father paid off the right people, Aprile got her own room in the penthouse

(Because of the illegal nature of this story, we have refrained from using any real names – Tom Kennedy)

When I was 35 years old I gave $500 to a black stripper for unprotected sex. I’d picked her up at a topless bar after a Yankees game and I was really really drunk. We went to my car and she was a real slut, she blew me unprotected, fucked me unprotected and I came in her cunt and unprotected as well.

I passed out in my car and when I woke up my wallet was gone as was the rest of the cash and the coke I was carrying. I chalked it to experience, cancelled my credit cards, and forgot it.

Till a year later I received a letter from an attorney telling me I had a baby daughter and needed to pay support. A DNA test later I was providing the slut with $500 a month and except for that had no interest in my black daughter.

That’s where things stood for thirteen years till last month when the police contacted me and told me my daughter Aprile had been arrested on charges of prostitution. I went to juvenile and I was just gonna say hey not my problem, when I caught sight of my 14 year old daughter. She was really attractive, still dressed in her hooker clothes she was in a very short tight leather skirt, leather boots to her thighs, and stockings and garter belts, her lips were full but her features were Caucasian. She was so sexy and I don’t know what I was thinking but I agreed to accept her into my custody.

My daughter suppressed a deep laugh as we walked to my Rolls Royce. “You’re my dad and you’re rich? Fuck man, I should have been arrested when I was 12 years old.”

“This isn’t funny, Aprile,” I said. “We need to sort out your life.” I said it sternly as I could manage while Aprile sat beside me in the car, her short skirt riding right up her thighs, legs a little open, hot young teenage body making me think and think. And Aprile assessed  me assessing her. She seemed both relieved and cynical, she seemed to have a feel for where I was at.

Because I didn’t want a daughter as such but a good teenage prostitute, that I could use and if that made me bad so be it. Looking at her shift and smile at me, I knew what I was heading to I just didn’t know how to get there. “Why, Aprile? You are a beautiful why are you doing this? You should be in school.”

“Why, Daddy? I can call you Daddy, can’t I?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied.

“I like drugs, I like coke, I do a lot of it and from when I was 11 I fucked guys for it. I’d fuck any one for coke.”

“Look, April.” I replied. “I’m no prima donna, I do coke as well. And I get good shit. But you’re so young.”

“People like coke and underage hookers, daddy. They go together. And I fuck well.”

“I don’t blame them”, I said under my breathe but I wanted her to hear me and she smiled so I guess she did.

We got to my Central Park Penthouse and went to my apartment. April said she wanted a shower and I took her to one of the guest bedrooms with a bathroom connected. She took off her top and smiled at me, i could see  her dark nipples through her bra and  her half formed breast peeked through, not quite cleavage. Then she put her arms around my neck. “We are quite similar aren’t we, Daddy”  she said, her breast rubbing against my chest and my cock now completely hard. “Go get some of this great coke you mentioned and let’s freebase and party.”

I went and got a pipe and came back, we did a couple of tokes and sat next to each other. “I  don’t like you, daddy”, Aprile said. “But you are still the sort of father I can use.” Then she lifted  up one of her boots. “Help me , poppa”. I unzipped her boot and took it off her leg and the smell of leather and feet got me harder. Aprile laughed and rubbed her foot in my face and I kissed and licked her foot. Still, nothing was being said. Even at fourteen, with her background, Aprile must have known where I wanted this to go. “And the other “, she said,”do the other boot daddy.”. I pulled her other boot off and she put one foot on my lap and I was hard and she pushed down, and the other foot in my face. “I am going to shower and then we are gonna talk some more.”

But first we did some more coke.

While Aprile was gone I wondered what I was doing, without her intoxicating nearness I realized just what I was doing.

1.  Giving coke to a child.

2. Allowing the child to rub my cock with her foot.

3. The child was a drug addict and a prostitute.

4. And she was my daughter.

This seemed like a recipe for disaster and I decided it had to end before it went further. But then she came out of the show in just her bra and panties and stockings and garter belt. She looked too young, she had a not woman like figure, and she made it work.

Aprile walked right up to me, even without heels she was as tall as I was and she stood really close to me. “Let’s lie down on the bed and discuss this”, she said and so we smoked some more crack. Me still in jeans and tee shirt and April half naked. “Daddy,” she said. “I have fucked a lot for money and drugs and I know I’m young but I’m experience and I know what is going on here daddy. I may be only 14 years old but I know incest when it is happening, She came closer to me and our bodies were touching. “You’re the sort of Dad I need. One into drugs and into sex and one who is into me, like sexually into me. I know that’s why I’m here, if I was fat and ugly I’d be rotting in Juvenile now. You have been looking at me sexually since we met and suddenly being a Daddy matters to you.”

“You’re underage, Aprile,” I said pushing her against me and pushing my hard on between her legs. “This could be disastrous.”

“It could be but  it won’t Daddy. I know you  paid Mom for sex, she is still a hooker and I know you’d love to pay me. Let me move in, I can bring girlfriends round, we can have parties. My half sister is 11, you can fuck us both, Daddy. And remember, with me you are getting incest.”

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t” I said

But then April put her arms around my neck and we began to kiss. I mean really hot kisses, Aprile unzipping me and began  massaging my cock. “Come on Daddy, I’m fourteen and your daughter, what could be hotter?”

“And black, I like black prostitutes. I like you.”

“Yeah, daddy, what do you like to do with them.”

“I like them to dominate me while I jerk off and then I like to have anal.”

“Let’s have some more coke, Dad.”

We did some more coke and then we got down to figuring it out. “I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen, Daddy”, Aprile said, her legs around me. “You are going to fuck your daughter in a father daughter incestuous relationship along with my eleven year old kid sister. We are gonna move in. You are gonna give us everything and we are gonna break all sorts of laws together while we fuck around as a threesome. What do you think?”

“I think you are my daughter and it is wrong” I claimed but really, we were half way there. I mean, imagine this sexy underage black girl in her daddy’s arm while he pushes his  hard on, which she rubbed earlier, between her 14 year old  legs, both of us heavy coked. “Do you have some hash, Daddy?” Aprile asked. I rolled us a joint and we were completely fucked up. “I don’t know if we should have incest, Aprile” I said but my voice sounded fake to my own ears.

“I want us to be father daughter fuckers, Daddy. And I want my kid sister to join us. I’ve been fucking since I fucked my step father for coke when I was ten, and Lakisha joined in last year. We don’t fuck daddy any more because there isn’t enough money in it. You’ll like Lakisha, she is really young and just like me.”

“What if somebody finds out, something could happen.”

“It could, Dad. But you are rich and into black hookers and incest and underage girls, so we have no reason for anything to happen. It is gonna be wild I promise.”

“What about, Mom?”

“Double her monthly money and she’ll go away.”

“Oh God, Aprile, you are a sexy prostitute, but so young.”

Aprile unzipped me and rubbed my cock against her panties. “Do you understand what I’m offering you daddy. Something you can only dream of, a real incestuous relationship with your own daughter.”

“That’s what I want, Aprile”.

“You are so perverted daddy. I am only fourteen and here I am rubbing you off Daddy. I can’t get my brain around this being so incestuous. When I heard my dad was coming I thought it would be a new beginning. And it is, everything is dirtier, druggier and sexier.”

“I want to finger your asshole, Aprile.”

“OK, daddy, put your finger up my ass and then it is pretty much over. If somebody walked in now and saw me rubbing your cock against my panties and you fingering my asshole, they would know it was incest they were looking at.”

“Even though we haven’t fucked…”

“Fucked yet, daddy. You know and I know it is coming soon. More coke, more Viagra daddy and we will fuck forever.”

“Oh God, Aprile” I said, my guilt painful but my cock so hard. “Wouldn’t you want me to be a real dad.”

“I have no need of those bullshit lies and what would happen? The minute you saw me in my bra and panties all you’d be doing is jerking off and I would still be prostituting for drug money other guys.”

“I want to suck your cunt, Aprile” I said, giving up entirely and she said. “Good, take off my panties and suck your daughters cunt”. I had my finger up Aprile’s ass and my face between her legs and she smelled sweet and her cunt was young and pink as I sucked it. “Daddy, why are you sucking my cunt? Do you like sucking young girls who are your daughters cunts?”

“Yes, when can we get Lakisha hee?”

“Call Mom now, tell her what you want, she’ll do it for $1,000 a month, I promise.”

“I want to see what she looks like”.

Aprile went on her secret AOL account and there were pictures of eleven year old Lakisha being fucked by two guys. She looked very young and very sexy.”  I nodded, to Aprile.

Aprile got her Mom on the phone and I explained my plan. “Now I’ve connected with Aprile, I want her to move in with me and she wants Lakisha to join us. I will double the money I send you to $1,0000 a month.”

Her Mom must have figured out what was going. “$2,000 a month.”

“Bring her here tomorrow, I’ll contact my attorney.”

While I was saying this, Aprile was rubbing my cock with her feet. “Do you like feet daddy? I heard older creeps like you love kink.”

“I do love kink, Aprile. I want to take you out and buy you sex underwear and I want to take pictures of you while you strip and put on pantyhose.”

“And Lakisha, and we will have lesbian incest sister sex for you and then you can fuck us both, dad. This is gonna be great for you and you haven’t even fucked me yet.”

“Do you like white guys, Aprile?”

“I don’t give a fuck, I don’t like you at all but I like your drugs.”

“Oh god, you are such a little fucking bitch.”

“Yeah Daddy, and don’t forget it. I’m a trashy slutty cunt who will fuck for drugs and money and you better keep them coming” Aprile kissed me and we really kissed, tongue in each others mouth, my fingers up her ass. The incest was coming.

“Want me to suck your cock, Daddy?” Aprile asked, and she got on her knees before I replied and suck and jerked my cock, licking my balls. “Good daughters lick their Daddy’s balls don’t they Dad? I bet all daughters do it, don’t they?”

“Do you want to do this, my daughter?”

“Yes, this is what I understand, sex and drugs and it is what I want.”  We did some more coke and then we lay in bed, Aprile in her bra and stockings and that’s it, and me in my shirt but my pants and boxers were gone and we held each other and rolled around the bed kissing incestuously.

“My prostitute daughter who hates me is gonna let me fuck her.”

“And I’m only fourteen, dad. Can’t that alone make you wanna cum?”

“I love young prostitutes.”

“And I love fucking for drugs and money.”

Then she reached for my cock and pulled it deep into her cunt. “OH fuck, dad. I didn’t think I’d be fucking my dad for drugs when I woke up this morning.”

“If I knew you fucked for drugs I’d have contacted you years ago.”

“You are such an asshole dad, I wish we had been fucking when I was eleven years old. I’d have loved having you are my sugar daddy and daddy. Push hard into me, daddy as we begin a new life of incest.”

“I am inside you, Aprile. I can’t believe I’m fucking my own daughter. This is the first time I’ve been happy you were born.”

“You are such a terrible guy, daddy. I am letting a terrible, perverted man, my own dad fuck me. Wow, this is incredible.”

“This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever done, Aprile. I can’t believe it.”

“It’s so funny, I thought you’d be either indifferent or try and reform me daddy, I didn’t think you’d put your cock in me and get high with me.”

“I can’t wait to fuck your eleven year old sister.”

“I want you to daddy. And now you can fuck my asshole. Guys love anal.”

“Have you fucked a lot of guys, Aprile.”

“Oh yeah, and girls, I fuck a couple of guys most days. All different, married, young old white black. But this is the first time I’ve fucked my daddy.” I turned Aprile on to her stomach and she said, “Yeah, Dad, fuck my asshole now.”

I felt my cock enter her asshole and she moaned, almost against her will.

“Oh, God, Aprile, you are actually enjoying anal with your papa?”

“I’m so high daddy I am enjoying it because I’m thinking of what we are doing. And it is unbelievably raunchy and illegal. Think about it Daddy, you are fucking your fourteen year old daughter up the ass after doing drugs with her all afternoon.”

“Oh God, Aprile I am gonna come.”

“Don’t waste it in my asshole Daddy. Come in my mouth. I’ve had lots of men cum in my mouth.”

I pulled out of her asshole and Aprile took hold of my cocking and said, “I’m gonna suck you off Daddy till you cum in my mouth.”

Suddenly I was n her mouth and my fourteen year old daughter was sucking me and sucking me and all I could say was “Oh Christ, I’m gonna come in my daughters mouth.” Then I was coming and Aprile was swallowing my cum and she took me out of her mouth before I had finished   and had some cum spatter her titties.

“You liked that, didn’t you daddy?”

“I want to fuck you again.”

“And I want more drugs.”

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